Tomb of Annihilation

Camp Righteous

December 19th, 2017

After we are home for a little while, Z shows up. He tells us the amulet holds Rodrick’s soul and the temple of Savros will hold his body in suspended animation but the amulet needs a soul every 7 days. Artis Sember, who was mentioned in the notes, was a former member of the harpers, married to Allisanda and companions with Dragonbait. In the morning, we head to the potion shop. We start questioning the shop keeper and he finally admits to keeping the reward after Stu repeats his words back to him in his own voice. Uhtred asks about answer stones and we are told they are used in the underworld to protect personal belongings . He offers us a fire stone, stout ale, honey mead and pale ale, rations for a month and water for 3 weeks, 2 rain collectors and 4 healing potions in exchange for the reward. We take our leave as friends. Dormir slips off as the group discusses what to do next. As he approaches the Donkey, he notices none of the usual lookouts are around and the door guards are missing. The place looks closed down, and the front door is locked, so he breaks it open with his hammer. Gertrude says Dormir, Jack is in hiding because he upset the wrong people. She was supposed to keep he door locked and not answer for anyone but Dormir and to tell him to hide. He helps her bar the door and tells her to let Jack know he isn’t happy with him either. The rest of the group go to the thirsty beard and ask Bilkin about Artis. He says he last heard of him a couple of weeks ago around camp righteous. Z asks where he gets his supplies but there isn’t a single place. We sell off our gear, and obtain our writ of exploration. We take the deck of many things to the hall of gold to have it auctioned off. Sapia heads to the docks with Z and Uhtred to see about hiring a boat to camp righteous. She is told it will be 20 gp/head. Be there by first light. Later in the evening, Bilkin comes by and says Jack would like us to meet him down at the docks, right away if possible. We head down to the docks and as we approach, Dormir notices the look outs are back but aren’t familiar. Dormir steps up to the door guard who asks who he is, and ends up letting us in after he finds out its Dormir. Helga isn’t behind the bar and Jack is at a table by himself. Jack says dormir, good to see you. First you are safe. I made a mistake and the lady died after I ransomed her back. He had to make the dandy a deal and he wants to see us and he is here now. The tattooed giant comes out and offers to fully fund our expedition to get the source of the curse sooner rather than later. And if we kill the thayans at uptau and return property of his, we will be rewarded. We ask for a minute and ask jack if this guy will keep his word and Jack says he always has. We say we will do it and he gives us 7500 gp and a note to the boat master so he won’t charge us. We head home to rest up. Ere the dawn breaks, we are on the docks and loading on the boat. He then says if we put the sail up we could make camp righteous tonight instead of tomorrow, though it will be rough. Several of us puke from seasickness but we arrive late in the night. After we go to sleep, Sapia and Monkey notice a loud rumbling from across the river and the normal animal noises have stopped. After a short bit, it fades away. It happens again on Dormir’s watch but he isn’t as sure it is anything. We break camp and start off towards camp righteous with Uhtred leading. We can tell that someone has been through here fairly recently. We arrive to find the area has been destroyed, the buildings have been burnt down, the tents are torn and moldy and debris is scattered everywhere. We see 2 thayans standing in the middle of the camp arguing. Stu believes they are talking about someone being dead, and not going back in there, and not spending the night. We start to decide what to do when arrows come flying from the other side and kill one of the cultist. After which the other screams and runs away. A bunch of goblins wearing feathered masks burst in to the camp and begin looting the body. Dormir, Z and Uhtred burst out of the jungle and Uhtred tosses a couple of javelins, hitting one goblin causing them to form up for battle. Uhtred hits the same goblin with another javelin square in the chest, who drops with blood fountaining from his mouth. Z runs at them at full speed but doesn’t quite get there. Sapia tosses an eldritch blast at a goblin but misses so she then hexes it. Stu moves closer and hides. The largest one barks orders and four of the goblins jump on the shoulders of the other four with their masks combining as a shield, and the one on top pulls 2 short swords out. Dormir runs at them and casts hunters mark on one, calling dibs. Uhtred casts entangle, which ensnares the big goblin and one pod. He then throws a hand axe at one of the pods, hitting the top goblin in the leg. Z moves closer while Sapia casts a crown of madness at one of the goblins on the bottom but it manages to shake it off. Stu moves forward again and confuses one pod enough to not be able to keep track of his location. He fires a crossbow bolt but it goes wide. One of the pods attack Dormir, Scoring one hit. Same happens to Z but by two of the pods and he gets hit once. The boss breaks free of the entangle and tosses a javelin at Uhtred, but misses. Dormir smashes the chest in of a bottom goblin and then crushes the head of the top as it falls. He then moves behind one of the pods on z. Uhtred moves up further and tosses a hand axe again but misses. Z attacks one pod but misses so tries again but still can’t’ seem to connect. Sapia hits one of the pods with an eldritch blast while moving up. Stu shoots the boss with his crossbow. The boss runs for the jungle while the 2 pods try to hit Z but he manages to dodge them both. Dormir beats one of the pods into a bloody pulp. Uhtred moves up and cuts the top goblin from neck to groin and then through the skull of the bottom. Z moves to the pod caught in the entangle, really hurting the top goblin and then cuts off the head of the bottom. Z moves the amulet to one of the goblins causing it to glow and the body shrivels in to a husk as its soul is consumed. Dormir notices that there has been a pitched battle here with a couple of dead thayans and a few goblins as well. Stu looks around and also notices heavy traffic in and out of the remaining structure. This used to be a shrine of Uptau and has been heavily trapped. We hear horns in the distance that seem to come from the direction the goblin boss fled to. We decide to head in to the lower ruins, though Sapia counsels caution and to not get stuck here after dark. There are more dead thayans inside, one of which appears to have been beheaded and 2 others that have been burnt to a crisp. Dormir is pretty sure they were caught in traps and tells stu to find them. There is writing on the wall above a shrine of a figure of a man with a croc on his back along with the parable of the crocodile and the human. Stu finds the traps but is unable to disarm them. He does see that there is a carving of the croc on the human repeated all the way down the hall and then a croc and man shaking hands at the end. Sapia climbs on Z’s shoulders and they walk down the hall with no problem. Stu and Dormir follow suit with the same result. Uhtred grabs a dead body and makes the crossing safely as well. The room we are in has stairs up to a ledge with an archway; through which another set of stairs goes down. We move down the stairs and as we move down the hallway at the bottom, Stu notices a gleam off in the corner. It’s a skeleton wearing plate mail with a warhammer and 10 10gp gems in a pouch. It was covered by sacks as if the warrior was trying to hide. We move over to the hole where the dead wizards are still laying. The room is very plain but the darkness in the hole is definitely not natural. We move to the doors and Stu notices that between the doors is a pattern of tiles. Sapia gets on Z’s shoulders and can see that one square in each doors pattern has a slight glow. Sapia touches one but nothing happens so Stu gets picked up by Uhtred and they push the buttons simultaneously, causing both doors to open. They lead in to the same hall which comes out in front of a statue of crocodile on a man’s back. From somewhere off to the right, we hear a group of creatures moaning and shuffling. Flight or fight?


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