Tomb of Annihilation

Frogs and Frenemies

January 2nd, 2017

Stu can tell the creatures are several rooms away and making noise would definitely attract their attention. We discuss what to do in circles until Dormir starts walking towards the noise. As he gets closer, he believes its coming from a ways away so we start checking out the immediate area. Sapia goes left but doesn’t see or hear anything else. The rest of us walk around to a small room containing only a stagnant well. Stu can tell its 17’ deep but cloudy and scummy. We go to another room with a gold statue of a great coiled serpent with giant rubies for eyes. There is a skeleton in the corner with something clutched to its chest. Dormir walks to the other exit from this room and there is a pit at the bottom of a ladder that is mostly water with a few ledges and several sets of stairs out. Slowly ambling around both in the water and on the ledges are almost a dozen zombies. Sapia detects magic around the statue but there is nothing there. Stu tries to climb the statue but just slides back down. Dormir then climbs on his shoulders and up the statue. He pops one ruby out and there is a pipe behind it which begins spewing gas. Dormir shouts for a wet rag which he stuffs in the hole, slowing the gas. Stu finds a hidden activation for the doors and they begin to pry the stone off in front of it. Dormir pops out the other ruby and calls for another rag as more gas is coming out. Uhtred manages to pry off the stone and reaches in, grabbing the control crystal which causes the doors to open and the gas to stop. The doors closing seem to have awakened the zombies more and others have come in to the pit. Sapia hits 2 zombies with eldritch blast. Stu finishes one off with a crossbow bolt. Uhtred kills another with 2 javelins. Sapia uses her ring and hits 3 of them with orbs. Z jumps down in to the pit and kills one with his crossbow. Dormir grunts idiot and jumps in to the pit, killing one with 2 blows from his hammers. The zombies begin moving towards us, and one takes a swing at Z but misses. Stu finishes off the last one that Sapia hit. Uhtred joins the others in the pit and kills another with his last 2 javelins. Sapia kills another with her eldritch blast. Z steps up and hits 5 with his fire breath, killing 2 outright, and then he chops up one for stew. Dormir takes out another with 2 hits. The zombies move up and hit Dormir and Z once each. Stu looks closely at the skeleton in the corner, and takes the stone its clutching in its arms. As he turns it over, it crumbles to dust. It appears it was about the same shape as the rubies. Uhtred picks up a couple of his javelins and kills another that was smoldering. He then hits the one next to Dormir as well. Sapia tosses another eldritch blast, killing the last smoldering one. Z moves over by Dormir and finishes off the one there. Dormir moves in to the area where the last one is. The zombie hits Dormir one time. Dormir starts wailing on him, reducing him to bits. Stu jumps down and starts looking around while Sapia checks out the statue. She doesn’t believe this was anything but a honey trap. Stu goes to a far corner and tries to move some rubble to get in the room behind but can’t, so Z comes over and helps. This room has a couple of skeletons, one of which is holding a jug that looks brand new despite how everything else is dirty and decayed. It obviously holds liquid and he calls Sapia over but she is unsure what it is. Stu pours out just a little bit and it smells like vegetable oil. Dormir sees several skeletons in the room he is in and finds 2 short swords and a wand. Stu sees a chest under what used to be a desk and upon closer examination sees a glint inside a rotting bag. There are 5 300 gp diamonds (though he tries to pocket 3 but gets caught by Z). Sapia is looking through the other furniture but finds nothing though Stu comes along and finds a trap door under the rotten wood. Z tries to yank open the trap door and after a couple of tries, it pops open. At the bottom of this 5’ pit, something is wrapped up has a faint glow. Stu grabs it and pulls out a bunch of papers and a map. It’s all in dwarven and talks about how these 2 guys were trying to live in here off the alchemy jar after they were trapped here by the zombies. The map shows the location of their last score before they ended up down here. They were treasure hunters and were looking for a shrine of 9 great treasures. The cloth is actually still glowing so Sapia examines it and Z keeps an eye on her while the rest of us go explore a little further. AS we start down the hall, stu whistles a warning and notices one stone is different and likely a trap. He can tell it’s a pressure plate but not what it does or how to disarm it. We move down the hall to a room with a pit. Stu notices a door in the ceiling so puts the immovable rod underneath it. We enter and see 2 zombies and a chest in the pit. Dormir drops straight in and kills one zombie with 2 quick blows. The other hits him and Uhtred kills it with 2 javelins. Suddenly, there is a loud bang as the door tries to drop but is caught on the rod. Dormir opens the chest and there is just a note that says HAHAHAHAHA. Dormir growls and stuffs it in his mouth. This was obviously a torture room. We head back and Sapia figures out the cloth is a cloth of preservation which when wrapped around something will preserve it indefinitely. We move on and come in to a small room with another statue of the man and crocodile. Sapia believes it is some sort of teleporter so we avoid touching it. We move on and this next area appears to have been being excavated or possibly the site of a large battle. There is a doorway on the other side with a small lab behind it with beakers and tubes but no liquids or anything though the far wall is scorched. We search the room and this was definitely an alchemical lab but something exploded and there is nothing of value left. We continue on to another area with double doors which stu checks and they seem ordinary and unlocked. He opens the door to a medium room with another set of double doors on the other side. These door are also unlocked and a musty, swampy smell comes wafting out. As we go around the corner, there is a spiked barricade and several of us hear some voices speaking an odd goblin dialect. Dormir starts whaling on the barricade and a goblin voice screams out no take our stuff, go away. We keep going anyway and there is a large chamber containing an underground lake with a small island in the center. There is a crude throne and a giant frog man wearing a rusty crown with a shiny scepter alone on it. Around the perimeter are several goblins, a kobold, another frog man and a lizard man. One of the goblins is the one talking and tells us to leave, they don’t hurt anyone and have nothing. As he discusses this with Uhtred, Dormir walks around and comes up behind him causing him to move out on to a dock. The large frog king says stop or face the demons wrath. Dormir moves down but doesn’t attack. Sapia casts a ball of light and sends it under the water which causes a large tentacle with an eye to reach out and swallow the ball. The king grunts and begins chanting with the scepter above his head. Uhtred takes a running jump and as he is almost across to the island, a tentacle reaches up and slaps his foot causing him to fall in to the water just short. The king begins to laugh and Sanna starts saying he’s an idiot to which the king says no, he is dead. Dormir winks at Uhtred and jumps across from the dock to the island with grace, reaches down and pulls Uhtred out of the water. The other creatures all freak out and run away. Stu and Sapia look around but see nothing else new. The frog king dives in to the water and comes up on the other side towards a doorway. Uhtred asks Sapia to light up the water so he can see and prepares to throw a javelin. The creature rears up out of the water and Uhtred hits it with a javelin though it hits back once. Z tosses a javelin and sticks it in one of the eyes. Dormir hits it with 2 hammers as the talking goblin shoots him with an arrow. Another goblin shoots at Utred but it goes wide. Stu hits it with a crossbow bolt and Sapia tosses a witch bolt at the creature doing a lot of damage. The king steps out and says don’t kill our pet and protector, he raises his staff and the creature disappears under water. The king says we are free to pass but the treasure we seek is cursed and all who seek it die. He says I have to help my friend and he jumps in the water. We move around and beyond the lake. We move up to a large chamber with a golden statue at each side of the entrances. In the center of this chamber is a ziggurat with a shrine on top with 9 cubes. Sapia believes the statues are more than statues but stu is unable to detect anything unusual. We move toward the shrine and as Uhtred steps on the stairs, the dais and cubes sink in to the ground, leaving only a 6’ indention in the very center of the floor. The doors slam shut and the ceiling begins to lower. Sapia believes the cubes were some sort of vessel to contain power. Dormir tries to take the armor off one of the statues but can’t find any way to remove it. Sapia casts detect magic and the center area is strongly magical and the statues glow faintly of illusion. Stu can see through the illusion and there is a rod in the middle. It doesn’t move back or forward at all but Sapia tries it on the other and notices a hole in the ceiling that corresponds to the top of the rod. We manage to pull the rods out of the holes and hold them out but when the celling hits the rods they are pushed out of the way. We look closely and see a lever up in the holes. Sapia has monkey go up in there and she comes flying out saying put the rods back. We put the rods back and lay flat. About a foot and a half from the floor, the celling stops, returns to the heights and the ziggurat returns. The cubes have different animals carved on them but they seem to have less power than before. We are unable to decipher the meaning of the animals. In another room, there is a large pictograph which seems to contain multiple stories. In another area, there are a number of broken tablets; the readable pieces are in dwarvish. They describe themselves as the guardians of the cubes who were beat back by the goblins who brought in the froghemoth. The pictograph describes an ancient power falling from the sky which was trapped in Omu. The city used it to make it powerful in chult but it got loose and destroyed the city. The cubes were used to trap the power and then smuggled here for safekeeping by the guardians. The containment in omu would have failed by now and that power would now be accessible. There is a pedestal with a tablet describing how the cubes will recharge the prison in Omu. Uhtred takes the displacer beast, flying monkey and rabbit. Z takes the flying snake. Sapia takes the crane, flail snail, and the grunk. Dormir takes the froghemoth and the zorbo. Sanna attempts to bond with a cube and it greets her and offers to bond with her. They would become one forever and it would grant her “treats”. Uhtred attempts it as well and gets the same offer. The flying monkey introduces itself as Wango and says it is famous. Uhtred declines and attempts it with another who hissingly says we must remove them all so they can save us. It claims it was once known as Shambai, who is one of the old gods of chult so maybe they sacrificed themselves to save this world. We store them away and believe that we should take them to Omu.


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